The most important role that freight brokers play involves making sure that they are able to book trucks to carry certain loads. This has become a mundane task for them. They spend majority of their work being on the phone and see to it that they are able to track down trucks that are available to carry their freight. When there are loads that have not been booked in trucks, they will see to it to check the online load boards for available trucks. And after they will have to be on the phone yet again digging some information about the match freight loads that have already been carried by these trucks. The cycle really just goes on and one. 

In the past, the abovementioned cycle was a necessity for any freight broker. However, in the present, the job of freight brokers has become easier because of the existence of online load boards. The highly advanced online load boards make use of only the best software applications so that freight brokers will not have a hard time tracking down their trucks. This also helps them know if the load that the truck has been carrying has been delivered the right time. In addition, truck drivers can also benefit from them. These online load boards can help them track down as well the load that they will be carrying. Furthermore, they can also find out where the other trucks are headed with their loads. So, now, what is left among freight brokers are a simpler task for their job. 

However, they should still do their job of getting the most information out of their loads so that they can assess what load requirements are need for the truck that they have assigned to carry such load. Even if online load boards still need a lot of improvements, some have now been made to ensure to provide the truck drivers their much needed information without calling their freight brokers. Some of these details will already be included in these online load boards such as required logistic specifications, special requirements, payment terms, late and delay fees, additional stops, and so on. 


The obstacles that both freight brokers and truck drivers face are no longer as challenging as they were over a decade ago. Withe many improvements and advancements in online load board technology, there has been a decreasing number of calls being made by truck drivers to their freight brokers just so they can get some information about the load that they will be carrying. For more information, you may also check